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Due to my many bad memories of prolonged drug therapy I so disliked having to rely on conventional medical treatments that for many years I chose instead to use my strict Mindfulness Meditation practice, and Mindful Yoga sessions as alternative forms of treatment for my aliments. This proved so successful that when my arthritis began I had no qualms whatsoever about acting likewise, rather than seek medical attention.

But later when even the addition of oil supplements and a change of diet to my treatment plan failed to prevent my arthritis from affecting my feet, knees, hips and hands; making it extremely difficult for me at times to climb the short flight of stairs to my flat and cope alone with other essential tasks. I knew I had no alternative but to admit defeat.

I then met Master Dechan Jueren in 2007 and promptly sought his advice on how to treat arthritis. And when I learnt that all that was required of me was to practice his Calcium Enrichment Guided Meditation daily, until symptom free, and then just occasionally, I felt a great weight lift from my shoulders.

Within 7 days of such practice the pain and swelling in my right hand had gone, and by the end of 100 days all of my joints were once again fully flexible and pain free. Since then I’ve handled all household responsibilities, including tough spring cleaning sessions easily, and taken in my stride the climbing of stairs, long walks and even adventurous holidays.

Moreover, just 20 weeks after my first Calcium Enrichment session I noticed that the ugly bags under my eyes and the fine lines on my face had disappeared – leaving me with a much younger appearance that has since been well complimented on by friends and strangers alike. And even now at, nearly 71, there are no cracks or crevices on my ageing cheeks.


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