Paul King – Abbot Dari Rulai Fa Yin Temple

paul king IMG_1208 reduced 1Paul was responsible for bringing World recognized Buddhist Master Dechan Jueren to England for the first time in 2007. Paul organized Dechan Jueren’s subsequent visits in 2008 including a series of 6 talks for Essex County Council’s Jiangsu Festival.

In the following 3 years Paul wastaught directly by Dechan Jueren, in England, Ireland, America and most recently in China, where he spent  100 days in intensive study, including time at the World renowned Shaolin temple.

Paul’s aim is to help  bridge the gap between  the Ancient Wisdom of the East and the Modern World. As Paul states

‘Stress has always been a fact of life, but the use of meditation to help with this has only been studied for the last 50 years in the West. Buddhist Masters have been researching and perfecting meditation techniques to help people for over 2000 years. It therefore makes good sense to utilize this knowledge.’

Paul has taught these techniques to hundreds of people, showing them how to incorporate the practice into everyday life. As Paul states

‘ you do not need to be Buddhist to benefit from these techniques. Just by practicing simple but proven steps, you can quickly and profoundly influence your health and daily life in a positive way’.

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